Monday, March 13, 2017

Thanks for the discussion in the car

God's Boys will be good boys!

I am always glad to hear your opinion about the academic and the sensitivity to these things.  You make some very important points that we are taking into consideration.  High School was a challenging time for you and your experiences are very helpful as we look at our Ethan's struggles this week.

I wouldn't call it academic abuse, though.  I would call it biting off more than you can chew, perhaps. He did very well in his own ability.  He misused time, some, as we all do.  But all in all we are rejoicing that he went this far in a challenging academic environment.

I take full responsibility for placing the bar, too high at times in my aspirations for your use of your minds.   It is an emotional thing not to be able to accomplish what you have started.   I apologize to you and to Ethan for expecting so much.  Thanks for your understanding.

Please feel free to let us know when we are doing the same thing with Ezzy.   Love you,  Mom

Friday, February 10, 2017

Don't forget to snuggle your children

God's Boys will be good boys!
Make sure that the cogs in your son's memory are repleat with memories of snuggles from his dad!
I gave in to Josh, today and tried to rock him to sleep. It was only because he is a new big brother and I know that this is an exciting and stressful time for a youngster. I know that stress, first hand. Every other year it was my experience for years and years of my life. Nobody really remembers that big brother needs a hug also.
Don't miss the chance to make him a man, by firmness and also by sensitivity.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oh Lord, You have been Good!

God's Boys will be good boys!

There was a day that I went to the hospital and came out saying "good grief". It was excruciating. This wasn't that day.

This was a day of going to the hospital and finding, "Good God". As we drove through torrents and sheets of rain that were like a curtain, I was sensible of the similarity to the sheets that we drove through to see Joni. I prayed in my soul that this wasn't taking me into another "good grief" learning session. I said, I can't see the door, Lord. I thought you were going to give us a day or so to process that this is a new season in our lives. I can't see the door into the new season, Lord?

The rains were enveloping and all I could see was the light of the emergency lights of the vehicle in front of us. All I could hear was my heart rejoicing that the heart was still beating. "He's alright? what does that mean?" I went back in my mind to my Grandma telling me the story of my father's hospital session. He was cut up so bad and the shreds of his arm were just held by the sutures. I was crying, when she told me and I couldn't imagine her maternal grief. I saw my mother and I saw my grandma and I saw myself growing into the mother of a man. My son is a man of faith, I told God.

When I saw him, verses of scripture flooded my mind to give to him. I couldn't get the story of this deliverance. God was merciful to us. God had given us another day! His mercies are truly new, like the dew.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

What is Education for?~~~figuring out and looking for direction, for your life's journey. "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed"

God's Boys will be good boys!
Attempting to recoup all your scruples as they roll upon the floor.
One day you wake up and find that all that you believed about yourself with God has been strewn across the floor of your life. There is a thought that comes to your mind to leave them there and not pick them up. Let's see what happens if I don't pick them back up? I know that God is supposed to love me anyhow? What's the worst that could happen? As we negotiate with our consciences the world is kicking and eating our scruples and every minute that passes defiles them worse and worse, until they are no longer identifiable.
Sometimes, we have to recoup by starting over. Sometimes, we have to start swiftly picking up pieces and cleaning them off. Each time this happens in life, it is different. We always lose a little something when we have fallen and stumbled and dropped everything. Only in Heaven will we see the things that God reglues to our lives to replace the real thing that we dropped, in our sinful stupors. I cannot imagine that we won't be crying about our stumblings. He promises to wipe every tear from our eyes, regardless. Coming to Jesus with the broken pieces is better than trying to glue the things back, ourselves.

Some people never recoup their faith until their very dying day. What a loss, to walk on the earth with your hand outside of God's hand! Learn to walk with Him, even through the complex and painful surgery of reconciliation to Christ in our deepest conscience. He loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Know that this picking up is also part of His wonderful plan for your life!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In the forum of ideas of education, I feel like a drop in a bucket.

God's Boys will be good boys!
And so you are a drop in a bucket, my good man. I do remember the futility of speaking of the things of God and seeing my words fly into the clouds and no one was listening, it seemed. I talked much and studied little.
Faith is the victory that overcomes the world, is a wonderful hymn. It is not just a hymn. It is an investment among many investments. Faith is, perhaps the currency of investment and where we put it, is where we invest that faith. Words spent in faith can have victory. Education spent in faith can have victory. This is because we trust that as large as the Goliath of unbelief looks in the systems of education that we are engaged in, our faith sees God as higher and more powerful. I believe that this time spent in the subjection to a worldling system will give me the credentials to fight the good fight and untangle the wicked knots that have syphoned God out of the system. You are seeing God's use of means and acting as Ezra and Nehemiah in restoring God's knowledge into a bereft house.
Don't give up! We are praying for your faith not to fail. God is exalted in our perserverance. HE is the defender of the weak. God takes up your cause and is giving you greater tools to fight greater battles to come. Put on the whole armor of God and use it.
When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oh Dear, What a very colicky baby you were!

God's Boys will be good boys!
I am grateful to have been able to be there for your many stuggles with your belly. I know that each child has their weaknesses. I have had my moments with each of you on different physical ailments that seemed not to want to go away. Yours was with constipation. You went once a week, if that and it was so hard for you and you were a nursing baby. The doctor said it wasn't that unusual to have tummy problems in a baby. It seemed strange to me. He said for me to move your body for you, in the beginning. To make your body more able to get it out. This seemed to give you some relief.

I am starting with a whole group of boys, this time around, at the daycare. This carries my mind to the challenges of mothering my own little fellows. The one who left us too soon and then you and the ones we were blessed to keep. This week we had a challenge of diaper rash ointment. I hate that stuff. I had to put some on that was medicated and this was especially a challenge for the wandering fingers of curiosity in a boy. The physical challenge of keeping my hands doing what I needed to do and keep a little fellows fingers from getting ointment into his mouth. It is a real feeling of encouragement that my sports reflexes translate into a useful form for some good. It was like juggling and challenging my mental and physical abilities. Then, just when I thought I had the challenge in control, another little one was curious to climb onto the changing table to see the festivities. ACHHHHHHHH!

Guiding them with my eyes and my voice is not always an option. I only have 2 hands and the little ones seem to have 10 hands and swift, precocious intentions. I don't think any of them got the ointment into their faces, but my heart was in my mouth at each changing of the rashy boys. Teach your children to heed your first words to them, if you can. It is safest this way.